Missouri State University

Charles Rovey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geology
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, 1990


Hydrogeology, Aqueous Geochemistry,
Glacial Stratigraphy and Sedimentology

(417) 836-6890
CharlesRovey@Missouri State.edu


Charles W. Rovey II

Photo of Dr. Charles W. Rovey II


  • GLG 110: Principles of Geology
  • GLG 171: Environmental Geology
  • GLG 360: Directed Field Trips
  • GLG 412: Field Geology of the Midcontinent Region
  • GLG 570: Stratigraphy
  • GLG 572: Hydrogeology
  • GLG 580: Geochemistry
  • GEP 397: Public Affairs Capstone (Legacy of Prometheus)
  • RPL 652: Surface Hydrology and Water Resources
  • GLG 499: Undergraduate Research in Geology
  • Geology Teaching Links

Professional Organizations and Service:


  • Publications, Presentations, and Grants
  • Ongoing Research Projects:
    • Glacial Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
    • Groundwater Flow in Carbonate Aquifers
    • Numerical Simulation of Scale-dependent Hydraulic Parameter

Family and Personal Interests:

  •  wife: Donna
  • children: Karl and Joshua
  • Home brewing (proprietor of Wohnzimmer Brewery, specializing in classic Bavarian Weizen and Marzen)
  • History of science and relationship between science and western humanities