Traditional Master’s

In the traditional format, the master’s degree in geospatial sciences is a 33-hour program with a research requirement. It can be completed in two years, if full-time status is maintained.

Within the graduate course work, you may select one of two options to complete your research requirement.

  1. Research Requirement (complete one).
    1. Thesis Option.  A student can take up to 3 hours of GRY 779 or GLG 779 plus up to 6 hours of GRY 799 or GLG 799.  Successful completion of a thesis and thesis defense is required. 
    2. Non-Thesis Option.  Students choosing the non-thesis option must complete 3 hours of GRY 779 or GLG 779 plus 3 hours of GEO 780.  Successful completion of a research project and scholarly report is required.  The results of the research project must be presented orally at a departmental seminar or at a professional meeting and the student’s advisor and the departmental Graduate Program Director must approve the written report on the research project.  Students in the non-thesis option are not allowed to count thesis hours toward the 36 hour degree requirement.