Geographic Information Sciences Undergraduate Certificate

Why consider a certificate in geographic information science?

  • You will learn essential skills for the field of geographic information systems, including map reading, interpretation and creation.
  • You will open the door to a promising career in areas such as forestry, emergency management, city planning, development and more.
  • Our certificate program complements majors in geography, geology, biology, anthropology and criminology.

Geographic Information Sciences

The certificate in Geographic Information Sciences provides an 16 hour undergraduate level program for students and professionals who desire credentials in this area.

Admission requirements

At least a 2.50 Missouri State cumulative GPA and a minimum of 30 credit hours.

Program requirements (16 hours)

  1. GRY 360(3), 363(4); GEO 551(3), 561(3)
  2. Three additional hours from: GEO 562(3), 566(3), 568(3), 572(3), 573(3), 575(3), 578(3)
  3. Attain a 2.75 GPA in required courses