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Geology, geography and planning students at San Andreas Fault marker in California.

Learn outside the classroom. Work alongside the pros. Get involved and make connections.

Field trips

 Our department’s annual spring break field trip has gone to many places across the United States.

  • Southern Appalachian Mountains
  • Colorado Plateau
  • Florida Keys
  • California

Witness the principles of geology put into practice as you explore different geographic areas from the 2022 Geology 360 Spring Break trip to The Four Corners region, USA.

Contact Dr. Douglas Gouzie for information on Spring 2023 GLG 360 Death Valley to Pacific Plate, or Damon Bassett for information on Field Geology of the Mid-Continent Region, GLG 412.


We also have ongoing trips to Jamaica. You can study sea-rise level, sedimentation and beach erosion first-hand. You may contact Dr. Robert Pavlowsky or Dr. Kevin Evans for more information.

Geology field camp, earn college credit as you explore the geology and terrain of the Southwestern United States.


Observe and learn while on the job. As an intern, you can build practical working experience in many areas:

  • Area analysis
  • Data collection and interpretation
  • Mapping
  • Regional study
  • Travel and tourism

As a GGP student, you’ll also complete a senior seminar. Your seminar gives you career guidance and help with preparing your job-search materials.

Student organizations

Connect with your classmates. Get involved on campus and grow your presence. Our department advisors are linked below, please contact them for more information on how to get involved.

Access the tools for success

Use resources around campus to aid your academic journey.

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