Geospatial Sciences Minor

Student showing another student his project

Why consider a minor in geospatial sciences?

Geospatial science is a field of study that is focused on the making and interpretation of maps. A minor in geospatial science is a great way to improve your skills with geographic information systems.

Many geospatial science positions are with government agencies, but the demand in private industry is growing rapidly. Students with majors in biology, archaeology, criminal justice, geography, geology and political science use geospatial information in their fields of study, making this minor a valuable choice.

Geospatial Sciences

Bachelor of Science
  1. GRY 142(4) or GLG 110(4); GRY 360(3), 363(4); GEO 551(3), 561(3)
  2. Complete three hours from GEO 562(3), 566(3), 568(3), 572(3), 573(3), 575(3), 578(3). Note: Students majoring in geography must complete nine hours of the following to avoid overlap with the major degree requirements: GEO 562(3), 566(3), 568(3), 572(3), 573(3), 575(3), 578(3).