Petroleum Geology Graduate Certificate

Group of people gathered around and listening to someone talk about an oil seep on the ground's surface.

Graduate-level training for petroleum work

Discover how we find fuel, gauge its movements and changes, and the role geology plays.

Gain greater qualifications for the petroleum and gas industry.

Certificate in Petroleum Geology

Gary Michelfelder, Graduate Director
Temple Hall, Room 369; Phone 417-836-3171

Program description

The Certificate in Petroleum Geology provides students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate competencies that are in demand among employers in the petroleum and gas industry.

Admission criteria

A degree in an appropriate undergraduate program and a grade point average of 2.75 is required for admission.

Required courses - 12 hours total

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GLG 670 Principles of Stratigraphy 3 hrs
GLG 672
GLG 680


3 hrs
GLG 674 Petroleum Geology 3 hrs
GLG 690
GLG 691

Applied Geophysics
Seismic Data Processing

3 hrs

Apply online

Apply to this program through a central application: GradCAS. Review the sections above before you begin.

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