Sustainability Graduate Certificate

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Explore what makes up sustainability – the economic, environmental and societal factors. Promote a qualify way of life for the present and future.

Certificate in Sustainability

David Perkins, Program Director
Temple Hall, Room 316; Phone 417-836-5446

Program description

Sustainability initiatives are becoming ubiquitous in society today for many corporations and government agencies at both national and international scales. The purpose of this graduate-level certificate is to provide an opportunity for either existing professionals or emerging professionals to grasp the multidisciplinary nature of sustainability as both a theoretical and applied field. A single required course, GRY 608 serves as the foundation for philosophical thought and the history of sustainability as it has evolved to what it is in today’s world. The equal focus on economics, environment, and society, grounds the student in a balanced analysis and application of the ideas of sustainability across different Missouri State University departments. In total, the student should emerge from the certificate program with a renewed and more complete understanding of sustainability. This should assist them in their future development whether it is moving to further graduate work or giving them the skills they can apply in their existing careers.

Admission requirements

All Missouri State University requirements granting admission to graduate certificate programs.

Certificate course requirements (12 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GRY 608 Philosophy of Geosustainability 3 hrs
  Select One Course from Economics Pillar 3 hrs
MGT 747 International Management  
ECO 620 History of Economic Thought  
ECO 640 Economics of the Environment  
GRY 610 Applications in Sustainable Geo-tourism  
  Select one course from Environmental Pillar 3 hrs
GRY 645 Global Environmental Change  
GRY 731 Environmental Assessment  
BIO 602 Sustainability Research in Practice  
  Select one course from Society Pillar 3 hrs
ANT 645 Cultural Resource Management  
PLN 605 Social Planning  
LAW 637 Environmental Regulations  
PLS 673 Policy Analysis  
PLS 763 The Policy Process  

Certificate requirements

Students must have an overall GPA of 3.00 for completion of the program.

Apply online

Apply to this program through a central application: GradCAS. Review the sections above before you begin.

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