Broaden your view

Gain a global outlook for complex issues. Discover the political and social geography of the world.

Apply your know-how in settings like business, education, foreign language and similar areas.

Global Studies

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. GRY 100(3), 305(3); GRY 320(3) or 321(3) or 323(3)
  2. Nine additional hours in regional geography courses selected from: GRY 305(3), 316(3), 318(3), 320(3), 321(3), 323(3), 429(3), 507(3). Note: GRY 305(3) is a variable content course that may be repeated with new content.

Because of course overlap, this minor cannot be used by students selecting the Cultural and Regional Geography option in the BS major in Geography.