Broaden your view

Gain a global outlook for complex issues. Discover the political and social geography of the world.

Apply your know-how in settings like business, education, foreign language and similar areas.

Global Studies

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. GRY 100(3), 305(3); GRY 320(3) or 321(3) or 323(3).
  2. Nine additional hours in regional geography courses selected from: GRY 305(3), 316(3), 318(3), 320(3), 321(3), 323(3), 429(3), 507(3). Note: GRY 305(3) is a variable content course that may be repeated with new content.
Note: Because of course overlap, this minor is not available to students selecting the Cultural and Regional Geography option in the BS major in Geography.