Natural and Applied Science Graduate Program

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Blend the sciences together

Create a custom, science-based master’s degree. Combine geography, geology and planning with another scientific discipline or a separate field.

Degree options

Your master’s degree will be in natural and applied science. Select geography, geology and planning as a primary or secondary emphasis.

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Begin your graduate studies during your junior or senior year. Complete your degree in less time.
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Follow the normal, two-year path.

Why earn a master's degree in this emphasis area?

  • Get hands-on experience with advanced technology like geographic information systems. Solve basic and advanced problems in the fields of geography, geology, cartography and more.
  • Design your course work and develop research projects. Align them to meet your educational and careers needs and interests.
  • Jump-start your education before you’ve finished your bachelor’s degree. Our accelerated master’s option saves you time and money.
  • Thrive through the interdisciplinary style of this degree program. Gain in-depth knowledge in two science areas that you can apply to your post-graduate career.

Helping you succeed

Make a smart investment in your future. Access financial aid and friendly support.

Immersive academics

Get ready to meet your next mentor. You'll be prepared, confident and ready for your career.