Admission and Program Requirements

Apply to this program through a central application. Review the sections below before you begin.

Admission criteria 

The Geospatial Information Sciences Certificate program is open to all persons holding a BS, BA, MS, or PhD degree.  Students must, of course, satisfy all prerequisites for any courses they take in the program; or they must obtain instructor approval to waive specific prerequisites.  Once admitted to the program, the student must take a minimum of four courses as designated and approved by the program coordinator and must have an average cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or better to receive the certificate.

Students who complete the four-course requirements for the certificate with a grade of B or better in each course may be admitted directly to the MS program in Geospatial Sciences if they so choose.  Students much go through the full application process for the MS degree.  This admission does not waive the necessity for students to take required prerequisites for other required courses that are part of the MS program.  The certificate credits taken will count toward the requirement for their MS degree.

Curriculum (12 hours total)

In consultation with the program coordinator, the student should select twelve hours of GEO courses numbered 651-699 or 755. 

Completion requirements

Students must have an overall grade point average of 3.00 for completion of the certificate program.