Natural and Applied Science Graduate Program

Why pursue the MNAS option in geography, geology and planning?

  • You can customize your course work and develop research projects that meet your educational and professional needs and interests.
  • Our accelerated master’s option allows you to jump start your graduate education before you have completed your undergraduate degree, saving you time and money.
  • The interdisciplinary approach of this degree program will give you in-depth knowledge in two areas of the sciences that you can apply to your post-graduate career.
  • You will gain hands-on experience with advanced technology like geographic information systems, which will help you solve basic and advanced problems in the fields of geography, geology, cartography and more.
  • You will gain valuable experience that will help you solve real-world problems such as economic and cultural patterns and urban development.

Degree options

Geography, geology and planning can be selected as a primary or secondary emphasis option for your master’s degree in natural and applied science. Accelerated and traditional degree options are offered to students.

Career options

Students who complete the natural and applied science graduate program can find promising and rewarding jobs in any of the following fields:


Community planning

Environmental science


International business

International marketing

Resource exploration

Transportation management

Water resource management