Paleontology Undergraduate Certificate

Closeup of fossil samples.

Discover the secrets of buried life

Uncover the history and growth of life on Earth. Explore plant and animal fossils, and our human ancestors.

Boost your current knowledge in paleontology or prepare for future graduate study.

Choose your certificate

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a certificate in paleontology.


This certificate provides a program for students and professionals who desire a foundational knowledge of paleontology or are preparing for graduate study in paleontology.

Program requirements (12-14 hours)

  1. GLG 115(3), GLG 415(4).
  2. Two courses from: ANT 125(3), 304(3), 375(3); BIO 122(4), 501(2), 515(3), 539(3); GLG 314(3)
  3. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements

Note: The GLG 314 prerequisite requirement for GLG 415 will be waived upon request for Biology, Anthropology, or students with similar backgrounds.

Completion requirement

Attain a grade of C or better in all courses used to fulfill the certificate requirements.