Categorical Science Area

Focus your teaching on upper-level Earth science. Teach Earth’s physical events and structure, from weather to the spheres.

Degree options

Use the four-year plan as a guide for your overall schedule. Review the certification requirements for the courses and requirements you need to complete. 


Review a sample degree plan that details your path to graduation.

How it works

In Earth science education pathway:

  • You earn a bachelor’s degree in geology and a specific minor.
  • You will be certified to teach at the high school or middle school level.

Categorical science area

The Earth science education advisor will help you meet all requirements.

Required major and minor

  • Geology major (non-comprehensive)
  • Geography minor

Extend your education

Add a master’s degree to your teaching certification.

With one more year of study, you can complete the Master of Arts in Teaching program.

A master's degree may qualify you to teach dual-credit (college-level) classes in high school. You'll increase your earnings potential.