Geospatial Information Sciences Graduate Certificate

Graduate-level training for your science career

Extend your focus in the geospatial sciences. Raise your skills and understanding of geospatial data and GIS tech.

Continue your education

This certificate program gives you a head start toward a master’s degree.

You can gain direct admission into the geography and geology graduate program. You’re eligible if you pass your certificate courses with a grade of B or better.

Your certificate credits count toward your master’s degree.

Why earn a certificate in geography and geology?

  • Advance your career in areas like geography, planning, development and ecology.
  • Take advantage of our evening class options. Pursue your education as a working professional.
  • Build toward a master’s degree. With a grade of B or better in your certificate courses, you’re qualified for the master’s program in geography and geology.
  • Learn from experts across a variety of fields.