Geospatial Sciences Undergraduate Program

Why study geospatial sciences at Missouri State?

  • You will strengthen your skills in interpreting distance, area, depth and more when reading a map, essential skills for success in geospatial sciences.
  • You will be prepared for a career in numerous fields that use geospatial information systems including city planning, forestry and transportation.
  • Our program is created in consultation with government agencies and private firms, ensuring that you are receiving the education you need for this area of study.
  • Field trips and internships offered through the department and in conjunction with private firms provide hands-on training opportunities.

What are geospatial sciences?

Geospatial sciences are the blending of geography, map-making, geographic information science, global positioning systems and many other fields of study. These fields share a common goal of developing a precise and detailed understanding of a location.

Degree options

Careers and Outcomes

Many geospatial science positions are with government agencies, but the demand in private industry is growing rapidly.


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