Geography Undergraduate Program

Humans and environments

Blend people with the places they live and use. Uncover the traits of locations. 

Use modern software and tools that prepare you for a career in geography.

Degree options

Want to major in geography? Review the program requirements for the exact courses you need to take.

Use the four-year plan below as a guide for your overall schedule.

Add a related certificate

Certificates give you greater training and skills for your future career. 

Careers and outcomes

Find your path with a geography degree. Solve problems and find solutions for the world around you.

Why major in geography at Missouri State?

  • Gain valuable, hands-on experience through field trips and labs. Use GIS software to grow your skills.
  • Join a program whose graduates have high-profile jobs. We have alumni in the Library of Congress, the CIA, National Geographic and more.
  • Discover research and work experiences at the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute. Lay the groundwork for your future in environmental management and other fields of geography.
  • Our focus on sustainability prepares you to join the modern workforce.