Advisory Board

You can provide counsel by serving on the advisory board. Your expertise can help our courses and equipment meet industry trends.

How you can serve

Contact our department head or a current board member to state your interest. You can also make a referral for someone else.

Existing board members vote on whether to add new members.

Russell Caton

Bachelor of Science in Education, Geography, 1983

Dynamic and diverse programs have been hallmarks of the MSU geography, geology and planning department for years. Such a broad based academic foundation has provided solid ground for my career with the U.S. Geological Survey, strengthening my ability to work in a variety of roles within the many scientific tasks undertaken by the USGS. It is an honor to be able to serve with the MSU GGP advisory board -- a reconnection to a rewarding academic and collegiate experience that was one of my most memorable life experiences. I truly enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing successes of the department for the benefit of its students and graduates.

Contact information

U.S. Geological Survey (retired)

Russ Caton

James "Jim" Bass

Bachelor of Science, Geology, 1980

I am pleased to resume a close connection with Missouri State and serve on the GGP advisory board after 36 years in the petroleum industry. MSU provided a strong foundation and a broad geoscience education that subsequently provided me with the opportunity to be successful throughout my professional career as a geologist and executive. I feel very fortunate to once again be affiliated with this department, along with the university's mission and commitment to excellence.

Contact information

President and CEO Sheridan Production Company, LLC (co-founder and retired 2016)
El Paso Corporation 2005-2006
Apache Corporation 1980-2005

Jim Bass

Tim Bohn CP, PMP

Bachelor of Science, Cartography, 1994

I originally started down the path of studying CAD, but quickly learned that wasn't for me. Looking in a different direction and my lifetime appreciation of maps, had me register for some 100 level geography courses and my path towards photogrammetry and GIS was born. My first class in air photo interpretation was harder than I expected so, I find it ironic I ended up working as a stereo compiler right out of school. Once I got started, I knew I found my place. We were the last photogrammetry class to work on a kelsh plotter and the first to dabble in softcopy photogrammetry. The diverse foundation of my cartography major and global studies minor was the perfect springboard into all things geospatial.

Contact information

Vice President, Business Development Greater St. Louis area
SURDEX Corporation
St. Louis, MO 63005

Tim Bohn

Christopher Coulter, AICP

Master of Science, City and Regional Planning, Clemson 1993
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Drury 1991
Bachelor of Arts, History, Drury 1991

Contact information

County Administrator, Greene County
Administration Building
933 N Robberson
Springfield, MO 65802

Chris Coulter

Erik Enyart, AICP

Master of Science, Architectural Urban Studies, University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Science, Planning, 2002

Erik Enyart

Ryan Mooney, CEcD

Bachelor of Science, Geography, 1999

My time at Missouri State was immensely valuable to me in my career and my life; I enjoyed being part of such a great university! I was lucky to have found the degrees, courses and professors in geography, geology and planning. While each day I might not use everything I learned in the clasroom, I know, I constantly draw on the education I received. My time spent in the halls and classrooms of Temple Hall is irreplaceable. I want as many as possible future graduates to have the same experience. GRY135 not only introduced me to my major, it also introduced me to my wife! MSU, GGP and the entire community of Springfield has continued to dramatically improve. I'm even more proud of them all today, as I was then. Regardless of where life takes me, I will always be a Bear first!

Contact information

Senior Vice-President, Economic Development
Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
Springfield, MO 65806

Ryan Mooney

Jason Ray

Bachelor of Science, Planning, 2010

The MSU planning program laid the groundwork for my successful career in planning and enabled me to obtain a professional leadership position within a few years of graduating. The program taught me important skills and concepts that I immediately applied in my professional and community volunteer roles as Planner and Planning and Zoning Commissioner upon graduation. I am proud of our program and am excited to help guide important decisions affecting the long-term health and sustainability of the GGP department and enhancing the student experience.

Contact information

Director of Center for Resource Planning and Management
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897

Jason Ray

Sherri Stoner, R.G.

Bachelor of Science, Geology, 1991

Sherri Stoner

Kristina Weger

Bachelor of Science, Geography, 2004

Although I took a different career path than many of my fellow board members, I believe it is a great example of the varied opportunities a geography degree can provide to students. I really enjoy having the chance to be an active part of the Missouri State community with membership on the GGP advisory board.

Contact information

Executive Director, Executive Branch and Federal Relations
American Hospital Association 800 10th Street
NW  Two CityCenter, Ste. 400
Washington, DC 20001

Kristina Weger