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Graduate foci

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Geography faculty

Melanie E. Carden-Jessen

Earth Science - Elementary Earth Science

Deborah B. Corcoran

World Regional Geography & General Geography

Dr. Toby J. Dogwiler

Applied GIS & 3D Imaging, Geomorphology, Hydroclimatology, Water Resources

Linnea A. Iantria

Tourism Geography & World Regional Geography

Dr. Jun Luo

Geospatial Sciences - GIS

Dr. Ron Malega

Social Geography & Planning

Dr. Judith L. Meyer

Cultural/Historical Geography - National Parks

Dr. Xin Miao

Geospatial Science - GIS /Remote Sensing

Dr. Robert T. Pavlowsky

Dr. Robert T. Pavlowsky

Distinguished Professor
Director of the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute

Environmental & Natural Resources Geography

Dr. David R. Perkins

Tourism & General Geography

Dr. Xiaomin Qiu

Geospatial Sciences Geography

Geology faculty

Damon J. Bassett

Paleontology & General Physical Geology

Dr. Toby J. Dogwiler

Applied GIS & 3D Imaging, Geomorphology, Hydroclimatology, Water Resources

Dr. Kevin R. Evans

Stratigraphy Geology & Sedimentology

Dr. Douglas R. Gouzie

Dr. Douglas R. Gouzie

Departmental Director of Graduate Studies

Karst Geology & Aqueous Geochemistry

Dr. Melida Gutierrez

Environmental Geochemistry & Geohydrology

Dr. Matthew P. McKay

Tectonics & Structural Geology

Dr. Gary Michelfelder

Volcanology, Igneous Petrology & Geochemistry

Dr. Kevin L. Mickus

Tectonics, Geophysics

Dr. Matthew C. Pierson

Dr. Matthew C. Pierson

Associate Professor
Civil Engineering Faculty, Mace/Turblex Engineering Professor

Dr. Charles W. Rovey

Hydrogeology & Environmental Geology

Per-course and adjunct faculty

  • Adam Coulter
  • Susanne Daniel
  • Ted Keller
  • Breanna Michelfelder
  • Paul Sherman
  • Sean Terry
  • Timothy Tucker
  • Sean Zeiger

Emeritus faculty

Dr. Jill A. Black

Earth Science - Elementary Earth Science